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Resource Management Back-Office(RMB) Business and Management Systems (DTS / QuMes / DiMes)
Version name RMB V1.2beta
marketing version
RMB V1.2beta
comprehensive version
Customer management
Multiple field setting
Bulk import data
Bulk check EMAIL
Customer rechecking
Customer migration
Customer sharing
Customer equity
Database marketing
EDM activity
EDM mail
EDM email template
EDM titles
EDM data analysis
SMS marketing Pay extra SMS fee Pay extra SMS fee
SMS template
Office management
New transaction
Transaction trace
Transaction calendar
Transaction mining
Email management
Multiple email account import
Mail receiving and sending
Private message
File manager
Dispatch management
Incoming dispatch management
Business management
Conference management
Seal management
Attendance management
Office supplies management
Travel management
Gift management
Contact list
System configuration
The customer application
Customer object
Customer setup
User management
System log
Data import
Interface setting
Active forewarming

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