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Speech on “Online MICE, the future B2B business”

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, friends from the investment community!

  My name is Victor He, from Germany. I am the chairman of Imagetrans Group and the founder of the project: "Online MICE, the future B2B business ", that will be presented today.

  Imagetrans is a one-stop global MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing/Conventions, Exhibitions/Exposition and Event) service provider that has access to worldwide destinations. Our confidence lies in almost 30 years of actual domestic and foreign experience for Chinese and overseas Chinese .

  15 years ago, a private enterprise from China found me to help them open the European market. I helped him to organize a brand promotion event with 5000 person on the bank Rhine River in Germany and at the New Triumphal Arch in Paris, France. Their sales volume soared 50 times after the event. 13 years after that, which was in 2015, the company’s annual turnover has reached 50 billion (CNY), and they found me again to organize an “event of a lifetime” in Europe for their 20th anniversary and new product release. What we created is now spread to every corner of the world through thousands of media sources such as CNN.

  We combined the local 70th anniversary of the victory for anti fascist war celebrations as an endosement for Chinese enterprise. We made France's second largest international airport to make an air clearance for 45 minutes. This is an unprecedented world public relation event, but there was only 24 of our field staff needed at the event.

  This is an example for enterprises to “step out to the world”, we also imported many events for the Chinese Government. In 2006, to make "Music, a new cultural brand of Xiamen" and to celebrate “2500 year anniversary for the establishment of Shaoxing City”in 2010, we imported World Choir Games to China, with participants of 500 delegations from over 80 countries. We also organized the Expo Choir Festival held in 2010 Shanghai Expo. These events have won the inscription and commendation from the top leaders of China.

  Of course, in addition to these large-scale cultural tourism activities above, in May this year, we imported the 143 year old world-class tourism festival, Caranval de Nice, to Asia, to Xiamen.

  These activities are all developed by us first and become our exclusive resources. From these, you can see that every city or enterprise will need marketing if they want to improve to a new level. And the best way to promote them is to use a event as their own stage. For event marketing, Imagetrans can be regarded as the experts for Chinese in this area.

  So what does Imagetrans do? Generally speaking, we are a resource-based MICE service provider which combines E-Commerce, Public Relations, Events Design, Travel management , Ticketing, Convention and Exhibtion as one.

  As a high-end product of tourism industry, MICE has become the most important segment of modern tourism industry. Our company is committed to become a one-stop MICE service provider, providing clients services, such as choosing event destination, planning the theme and creativity, managing travel routes, on-site execution, media and government relations, and professional MICE services related to international promotion and marketing.

  From the purpose for Chinese business travellers, we can see that over 50% of them are related to MICE activities. MICE industry emphasizes the integration and comprehensive operation ability of upstream resources. For now, there is no an flagship enterprise in China that can greatly promote the MICE industry. The e-commerce service based on MICE is still a blank point in the market.

  After the 2006 World Choir Games, I was chosen as a high-end talent in Xiamen’s Talent Projects. I was invited by the Xiamen Municipal Government to start a business in the confernence and exhibition industry, which was a pillar industry in Xiamen. Fron then I have a dream, to transform the offline resources, especially overseas resources, i had gathered in the past years onto the Internet in order to build a MICE ecological closed-loop both online and offline.

  This is our business model. There are two keywords: "direct sourcing" and "direct (API) connection". Offline direct sourcing for conferences, exhibitions and events combined with direct sourcing destination management DMC and online direct B2B/B2B2C e-commerce, enables the expansion of our MICE and business travel business.

  Our profit, in addition to the normal MICE offline operating income, comes from services provided to OTA booking platforms and group customers TMC interfaces. Different from ordinary OTA and TMC service providers, we adopted selected direct connections, full automatic trigger, real-time verification to avoid the redundant customer service of traditional service providers. These save labor costs and ensure strong business expansion potential.

  To give some examples of our TMC clients, we have Guotong Petrol (Affiliated with CNPC) and Xiamen Airlines, and are negotiating with Sinopec, State Grid Corporation, Lead Holding Group and other large enterprises. One point to note, our TMC system for Guotong Petrol achieved air ticket sales of nearly 100 tickets/day and a total sales volume exceeding 300 thousand USD since the system comes online at 2017.6.19 with only one customer service staff.

  Through these years, we accumulate a large number of overseas online and offline resources. With 25 years of overseas experience and leading direct connection technology in industry, as well as angel round of funding from Singapore, Imagetrans formed a first mover advantage in the industry.

  Through our own research and development, we have developed professional management and application software with intellectual property rights, and provided online solutions and services for industrial applications. Now we have more than 22 copyrights.

  All of these above are signed domestic and foreign business travel resources covering all areas. We can enhance the realization and profit abilities of our crossborder MICE industry chain.

  MICE is a very demanding industry that emphasizes the integration and comprehensive operation ability of upstream resources. Based on those advantages mentioned above, we can form barriers for competition in the following three aspects: international resources (mainly in Europe), multiple benefits (from different aspects), direct connection technology. With all these, we created a time barrier. Many companies have not yet had the opportunity to enter into the MICE e-commerce industry but our company was established at these conditions from the start.

  So the project is summed up in 4 sentences

  1、Global business (International e-commerce)

  2、Niche Market (Focusing on MICE)

  3、B2B、B2B2C(Mainly for enterprise clients)

  4、O2O(Experience from offline to online)

  The goodwill of our company developes from offline to online, and has international reputation and exclusive resources in MICE. These 4 points are all highly have a great appeal for investors, even if the market is focused on segments with the larger profits.

  I am proud to announce we are the only company that played host to 3 Chinese Presidents and 4 Chinese Foreign Ministers. It is not only our honor, but a embodiment of having an elite team that serves high-end business travel.

  Therefore, in this A round of financing we need $8 million (For online operations $5 million). We have already done a VIE framework in Hongkong. You can go to Hongkong or other places (like NASDAQ) to list the company or of course, the Chinese IPO.

  The money will be used in the following online and offline areas such as research, operations and promotion.

  Finally, our financial forecast, as long as the 8 million dollars are in place, we can bet on 1.82 billion(RMB) in turnover within one year, of which 1.47 billion(RMB) online. The second round, if there are 20 million dollars, we can also promise to do 5.05 billion(RMB), of which 3.1 billion(RMB) online.

  This is one of my dreams, so I came here today to find a like-minded dreamer. Thank you all!

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